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Why dance?
For starters, it is a lot of fun! Fun aside, dancing has so much more to offer than just a good time. Exercise, stress relief, self-confidence, social poise, and a creative outlet are amongst the many benefits you can receive from dancing. Be sure to check out our section about the benefits of dancing. Our Studios’ teachers are committed to teaching you how to dance in a fun, easy way. Hundreds of thousands have successfully learned how to dance at Fred Astaire Dance Studios.

Do I need a partner?
No. You can learn how to dance with or without a partner.

What is the age range of your students?
Ballroom dancing is enjoyed by people of all ages -from those in their 20s to those in their 60s and beyond.

What should I wear for my lessons?
There is no strict dress code for ballroom dancing. Some dress casually, others come in their work clothes. Just avoid restrictive clothing (such as a long tight skirt) and shoes that may slip off while moving (such as mules and flip flops).

How do I get started?
Just find your local Fred Astaire Dance Studio and call them to schedule your first introductory lesson. You’ll get the chance to see the facilities, meet friendly staff members, and experience our system of teaching. From there, your teacher will recommend a starter course to best suit your goals and schedule. If you are not ready to continue, there is absolutely no pressure for you to sign up.

How much are lessons?
The cost of a dance program is dependent on several factors, such as how often you would like to take lessons and how many dances you are interested in learning.

What is a Practice Party?
Meet and dance with other members of all levels from the Ballroom community. Develop your leading and following skills in a practical environment with professionals available to troubleshoot.

Can I focus on 1-2 dances at a time?
All of the dances at Fred Astaire Dance Studios are interrelated, it is just as easy to learn 3-4 dances as it is to learn 1-2. In most dance situations, you will need to know a variety of steps in a multitude of dances.

Where will I use this style of dancing?
Fred Astaire Dance Studios teaches a style of dance that is used in any social situation. Although many students come to us initially to learn for a special occasion, for example, a wedding, cruise, bar mitzvah, Doctor's ball, ect., they find many other times for dance in their personal lives. We also provide Practice Parties for your convenience. So take your "first step" with our introductory special!

How long will it take to become a good dancer?
At Fred Astaire Dance Studios, you will quickly establish confidence with the basic steps of dancing. However, the longer you dance, the better dancer you will become. As your dance education continues, you will engage in advanced steps and styling that will have you looking and feeling like the dancer you want to be!

Will an Introductory Offer take care of my dance needs?
After the Introductory Offer, you won't be dance on the ceiling and down the walls. You will however, have a knowledge of basic steps in the most popular social dances such as Foxtrot, Rumba/Waltz and Swing.

Are you open on the weekends?
During the weekend, most of the studios in the New England region are by appointment only. Please check the individual studio websites for more detailed hours.


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